Cowgirls Gone Wild for Little People of BC Society

I had fun creating this digital poster for the White Rock Chapter of the Valley Women’s Network upcoming fundraiser which I am also a member of.

Cowgirls Gone Wild for the Little People of BC for Short Stature

The Valley Women’s Network is comprised of eight chapters in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.  The purpose of the Valley Women’s Network is to promote the interest of women, through networking, education and friendship.  All the chapters give back to their communities in whatever way they can.  The White Rock Chapter tries to do one fundraiser a year, either in chapter or with the public.  This year we decided to do a musical event, showcasing three talented members of the Valley Women’s Network. The organization we choose to sponsor is a group decision made by the core committee of our chapter.  Core members will submit an organization that is of special meaning to them, we discuss the organization’s needs and then we vote.   We have previously supported Kids with Cancer, South Fraser Women’s Society and for 2012, we chose the Little People of BC for Short Stature Awareness.

It is close the White Rock Chapter’s heart as one of their members is a mother of a little person and is an active member of the Society.  The Society is a non-profit organization for children and adults with a growth disorder or dwarfism. They provide social, emotional, and educational support to the membership and their families; to educate the general public about short stature; to provide a medical board knowledgeable about short stature; and to refer members to various community services and government agencies for additional support.

If you are reading this and happen to live in the Vancouver area and are interested in attending, send an email to

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