Before coming to Mexico for a month to my favorite little town, Lo de Marcos, I checked to see if Amigos de Lo de Marcos http://amigosdelodemarcos.org/ were holding the silent auction again this year and they were. So I decided to do a special canvas just for the auction. I wanted something light and airy and a reminder of the beach that I dream about when I return home.

Dreaming of the beautiful beach of Lo de Marcos

Dreaming of the beautiful beach of Lo de Marcos

The picture is not the greatest as I forgot to take a proper picture before I left home, so took it while it was being displayed on the auction table.

I started out by applying some collage papers in the middle and then added venetian plaster in various places, to add more texture to the plaster I pressed a stamp into it. I then used the plaster to create the starfish, shell and heart. Next I used oil pastels to rub in some colour in various spots, I do love this technique as it gives a very aged look. I used a gold oil pastel around the edges to give it more texture. I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I donated it along with a small canvas print of a watercolour I had done last year while I was here.

Find your happy place

Find you happy place

Both of my canvases went in the auction and added to their fundraising which benefits the town in many different ways.

Off to the beach…..

Until next time find ways to be creative