Recycled Baby Board Book into Birthday Book

My daughter celebrated a special Birthday yesterday and I wanted to do a little walk down memory lane in the way of a Birthday Book.  So I decided to take a bunch of pictures of her growing  up and incorporate them into a recycled baby board book. 

Recycled Birthday Board Book

I got the board book at Value Village, they sell little bags of kids books for $0.99.  I painted gesso on all of the pages to cover up the original pages and then added acrylics to the pages.  I printed copies of the photos in colour then cut them out to fit on the page and attached with soft medium gel and added some text and stamping to the pages. I also added some of my art journal pages that I copied and some other ephemera on the back pages with some beautiful quotes to follow your heart.  

Where ever you go - go with all your heart!

To finish it off I covered each page with modge podge to seal them.  It didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned it – but I do like it and my daughter thought it was beautiful and I learned a lot about the different mediums I was using and what doesn’t work and that you need a lot of patience especially when it comes to drying time. 

Birthday Board Book

What did I learn from the process – I probably should have roughed up the pages with some fine sandpaper to get the paint to adhere better to the pages so that the paint does not chip off; that chalk ink pads smear when you try to cover with gel mediums so does the black gel pen I used to do some of the text, spray varnish is hard to control and takes a long time to dry so that the pages don’t stick together. 

I have a few more board books to use in the future and will try adjusting my techniques to see if I get better results.  It is all a learning process…..

Until next time happy creating!



Reflection and Memories – creating a Birthday card collage for my niece

I have a niece who is four months and 11 days younger than me, yes my mom and sister were pregnant at the same time, something you don’t hear about to often.  We have a rather different family story as I never had contact with her for close to 48 years because when my sister and her husband divorced her dad took her away when she was about six and her brother stayed with my sister.  So all these years I wondered where she was and if I would ever get to see her again and then miraculously I was able to find her about 6 years ago.  She was living in Victoria, BC.  So I wrote her a letter and when she received it she immediately called me with great excitement that she was going to be able to reunite with her mom and family.  We had a reunion shortly after this with my sister and her youngest daughter and my mom.  It was a wonderful and emotional reunion.  Since then I have seen her many times, she has reconnected and spent time with her brother, I went to her dad’s funeral a few years ago, she attended her grandmother’s 100th Birthday and I have had the opportunity to meet her two grown children and her grandchildren.  My sister has developed a relationship with her long-lost daughter and with her granddaughter and her children.  We are looking forward to another reunion with my niece’s children and grandchildren this coming July. 

Since I enjoy creating collages I got this brilliant idea to create a Birthday collage for my niece.  I had this vision of incorporating a

Baby Bonnita

 picture I had of her when she was just a baby of six months sitting on her mom’s lap.  I also wanted to include a picture of her mom as a baby and found a picture of her grandmother as a child to include as well.  Her Birthday is on April 5 so the deadline for mailing a card was getting really close so I knew if I was going to actually do this I better get started.  Of course I have been stalling  for about the past five days, afraid that it won’t turn out the way I envisioned it and that it may not be art-worthy or good enough to send and share with her – that old FEAR thing again.  So yesterday I took the first steps  and reduced the scanned photos, created some text and decided to use an old book cover for the canvas. I read about using old book covers for canvasses so thought I would try it. I  did feel guilty cutting the cover off a book, but I did find it in a free bin, so I let the guilt go.  I painted the book cover and then put it aside as I didn’t know quite where to go from there.  Today I got busy and started adding ripped piece of coloured and patterned scrapbook paper, then added the photos and framed them with these little paper frames that I found, then added the text.  Next I covered the area that still had paint showing with a crackle medium to create an aged weathered look.  So that the collage could be

Birthday collage on recycled book cover

 hung up I added a piece of recycled sari silk with a couple of buttons to finish the ends off.  Then I added a coat of Modge Podge to seal it.  On the back I will write a personal note.  I am pleased at how it turned out and I hope that my niece likes it and if she wants she can display it.  So there – I did it a Birthday Collage Card – another very fun day of creating.

Til next time – happy creating!