I`m a Late Bloomer

I am so excited to be featured on this lovely blog for late bloomers http://www.imalatebloomer.com/ it encourages me and inspires me to continue on my artful journey.  I love reading the amazing stories of others that started on their art journey later in life and how it has added more joy and happiness to their life.


Do you believe in Magic?

“Those who don`t believe in magic, will never find it.”Roald Dahl (1916-1990) Writer

Remember when you were a child and everything was so magical and you used your imagination everyday to create as you played, often including imaginary friends?  It was a magical time – there was Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, fairies, Peter Pan and yes sometimes monsters under the bed.

A few weeks ago I picked up Rhonda Byrne’s (The Secret) latest book “The Magic” at Costco and had planned to give it as a gift for a girls weekend I was going on but instead kept it and gave another gift. I have since started reading the book and it is a great learning tool when it comes to gratitude.  I always practice my nightly gratitude and through out the day but since I have been reading this book I have escalated my gratitude even more because gratitude is the real magic ingredient in our lives.  I have found that I feel even more joy and happiness in my life and some great things have been manifesting as well, I wake up feeling energized after sleeping really well and just have an overall feeling of calmness. It really does change your life and it’s like MAGIC!

Bring Magic into Your Life with Gratitude

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” Willie Nelson (B.1933) Singer Songwriter

I was working on another digital collage and used a drawing/painting that I did when I was practicing my drawing skills which was inspired by  mixed-media/digital artist, Debbie Kerkhof  who was featured in Somerset Digital Studio magazine (Autumn 2011 issue).  I loved her whimsical faerie mannequins and thought I would see if I could draw something like that and lo and behold I did – I keep discovering all this drawing talent that I never really knew I had, after so many years ago when I was in Jr. High being told that I did not have drawing talent so was not allowed to take the art class, instead I had to take Home Economics. A special Thank You to Debbie for her wonderful inspiration,this is one of my favorite drawings that I have done so I scanned it so that I could use it in other art forms.  I also incorporated a few different art journal pages I had scanned and created this new digital collage and including an inspirational affirmation  – “Bring the Magic into Your Life with an Attitude of Gratitude.”

Until next time I thank you for taking the time to read my post  – please feel free to leave a comment.


Inspired by colours of Mexico

One of the things I love about being in Mexico is all the beautiful colours from the beautiful blooms to the colourful doors and buildings.  I was inspired by all these colours from my recent trip to Lo de Marcos and created this collage.  I used a variety of mixed media, tissue paper, acrylics, pitt pens, and even some water-colour.  I love how the tissue paper added a rough textured terra-cotta look, it was fun how it evolved into the finished piece.  The photo I took in San Pancho, Mexico inspired me to do the arches in my collage.

I find that what I have been doing lately with my art is just randomly adding pieces of paper, colour etc. and seeing what turns out at the very end, most times it is a pleasant surprise.

Until next time, happy creating


Drawing takes a lot of practice…

I love creating art pages, it is a great way to practice various art techniques and if you do something you don’t particularly like or mess up then you can either gesso over it or start a whole new page.  It allows me the space to be fearless and develop my skills as I go along.  The last couple of weeks I have been practicing a lot of face drawing which is one of the skills I want to develop – I have to really work at trying to get proportion right even though I am not trying to create a life-like face but a more whimsical one.  I find I have trouble with eyes so I decided to just draw some faces with the eyes closed  and practice shading and see what developed.  Still need to work on face shapes as sometimes they look a little weird but I am a work in progress and if I continue to practice I will soon find it easier and will be able to create faces with more ease that  I can incorporate into my mixed-media collages.

Here are a few of my recent whimsical type faces I have done in the past few days.

Afterwards I decided to add some collage ephemera to the pages and then added som pan pastels.  I was so excited when I went to Opus the other day and found that they now have pan pastels in the store so I  could not resist buying a few new bright colours.  Next  photos are how the pages progressed into a collage.  I recently watched Pam Carriker`s tutorials on recycle art journal pages which  were a big influence in my face drawings.  http://pamcarriker.com/

Til next time, happy creating


Just doodling through January

Life is Magical

January in the Pacific Northwest can be rather damp and gloomy and sometimes some cold and snow thrown in just to keep it interesting.  Now that January is at an end we are beginning to ge little signs of spring, daffodils starting to poke out of the cold ground, some buds starting to form a few bushes, perhaps they don’t realize it is only the end of January, but it still gives us the feeling that spring is just a few short weeks away.

These past few weeks have been spent indoors and I  have had the leisure of spending them doodling,painting and gluing collages one of the advantages of being retired :).  I have been experimenting with my new pan pastels learning how to blend and mix colours, what I like most is that I can also use watercolours and acrylics with them.  Here are a couple of my latest art pages using an array of mixed media.

Experimenting and trying new techniques is always fun, it’s letting go of the fear of making a mess that is the biggest challenge but once I start laying the initial layers my fear diminishes and the creativity flows, I think it just takes picking up the paint brush and putting down the first few strokes.

Hope you find a few minutes to release your creativity today.


Life is magical and time waits for no one, treasure every moment.

Snowy January day = art day

‘There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.’ Christopher Morley (1890 – 1957)

Living in the Pacific Northwest  we don’t get a lot of snow days but usually there are a few during January or February and today is one of those days.  Actually the snow made its first appearance on Saturday morning and now it is snowing like crazy, very pretty and I am grateful that I don’t have to travel anywhere and can just enjoy watching the flakes fall.  It won’t last long around here by the weekend there is likely to be no trace that it snowed except for big piles of dirty snow in parking lots and along the roadside.

This past week I have been doing some sketching and doodling in my art journal and just playing around with lettering for fun, finding inspiration from http://sketchbookchallenge.blogspot.com/ January theme “Doodling”.  I have also been checking out other mixed media blogs that offer weekly or monthly art challenges, I like the challenges because the theme gives you a great jumping off point to get the creative juices flowing.  I love checking out other artists interpretations too, they are all so different.  One of the sites I have joined recently is  http://collageobsessionchallenge.blogspot.com/ this weeks challenge is ‘dance’and you can do traditional collage or digital, so I am going to do both!  I love using art that I have made by scanning it and then apply it to my digital collage creations.

Seek Happiness

The picture (not on the theme) in this post is a combination of a few different collage pieces I created and then scanned and selected parts from the scanned art as layers for the digital collage.

Until next time try some doodling or sketching it’s a great way to pass the gloomy days of winter.


2012 Intentions – Create, Blossom, Grow

Create, Blossom, Grow

Most of us set some kind of New Year’s resolutions and if you are anything like me they usually fall by the wayside within a month, so instead of making resolutions I decided I would make a list of intentions for the New Year, seems a little less intimidating.  I like the idea that I intend to accomplish something rather than I resolve to do something.

So my theme for 2012 is to Create, Blossom and Grow. My intentions are to practice my art everyday, with sketching, doodling, painting, collage, what ever draws me in.  I want to improve and grow as an artist over the next year and the only way to do that is to practice as often as possible.

Another intention is to become actively involved with the on-line art community and I have found a couple of sites that are interesting and I am now a member –  one is the Art Journaling site  http://artjournaling.ning.com lots of inspiration and great place to share. Another is The Sketch Book Challenge http://sketchbookchallenge.blogspot.com ‘ A group of artists came together and started The Sketchbook Challenge as a way to encourage others to open up their sketchbooks and discover what they knew: that the sketchbook can be one of the most valued tools in your artistic tool box.’  One of my favorite artists is included as a Sketch Book Challenge artist host for 2012 Pam Carriker http://pamcarriker.com I am totally in love with her art and her teaching style.  For the month of January the sketchbook challenge is Doodling which I have been doing for this past week with my new Pitt Pens, I enjoy learning how to shade and add more dimension to my art.  Of course still one of my favorite sites for inspiration is Donna Downey  http://donnadowney.typepad.com love her ‘Collage Monday’ and ‘Inspiration Wednesday Videos’.  

Yes, most of my intentions revolve around my artistic soul, I intend to join the group at the Surrey Art Council and see about volunteering at the Art Gallery, I really want to surround  myself  with creative souls.

The picture in this post is of one of my art pages with my theme for 2012, I loved creating this –  doodling and  using my new pitt pens and pan pastels.

Of course I also have the intention to lose some weight, and exercise more in 2012 like most other people.  Seems to me the older you get the more difficult it is to keep the pounds off and to lose the excess pounds, but I will keep working at it, if anything I will be healthy and fit, perhaps not as slim as I used to be but that is okay.

So have you set any intentions for 2012?

Until next time may your creative spirit soar!


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