My Art is in Uncommon Thredz Clothing Store

I am so excited that my art is for sale in a friend’s beautiful clothing store, Uncommon Thredz in Mission, BC.   Angie the owner has been so kind and encouraging and offered to display my art on consignment.  Thank you to my good friend Cyndi for introducing me to Angie and for all her encouragement.

My Art on Display

My Art on Display

Uncommon Thredz, one of the most original shops in B.C. It’s a boutique dedicated to women, focussing on fashions that make them feel confident and beautiful.

Designer Angela Morrow knows quality and style, and offers her customers both, along with sound advice in a warm and funky atmosphere, where a jazzy tune is always playing and a warm smile is waiting. From soft winter sweaters to colourful summery dresses and all the accessories in between, Angela carries the finest products in her fashion style house.

If you are in the area please stop in for a great shopping experience and check out her website for latest fashion finds, etc.


Cowgirls Gone Wild for Little People of BC Society

I had fun creating this digital poster for the White Rock Chapter of the Valley Women’s Network upcoming fundraiser which I am also a member of.

Cowgirls Gone Wild for the Little People of BC for Short Stature

The Valley Women’s Network is comprised of eight chapters in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.  The purpose of the Valley Women’s Network is to promote the interest of women, through networking, education and friendship.  All the chapters give back to their communities in whatever way they can.  The White Rock Chapter tries to do one fundraiser a year, either in chapter or with the public.  This year we decided to do a musical event, showcasing three talented members of the Valley Women’s Network. The organization we choose to sponsor is a group decision made by the core committee of our chapter.  Core members will submit an organization that is of special meaning to them, we discuss the organization’s needs and then we vote.   We have previously supported Kids with Cancer, South Fraser Women’s Society and for 2012, we chose the Little People of BC for Short Stature Awareness.

It is close the White Rock Chapter’s heart as one of their members is a mother of a little person and is an active member of the Society.  The Society is a non-profit organization for children and adults with a growth disorder or dwarfism. They provide social, emotional, and educational support to the membership and their families; to educate the general public about short stature; to provide a medical board knowledgeable about short stature; and to refer members to various community services and government agencies for additional support.

If you are reading this and happen to live in the Vancouver area and are interested in attending, send an email to

Till next time



Altered Magazine Photos – Another Creative Technique


“Children, like animals, use all their senses to discover the world.  Then artist come along and discover it the same way, all over again.”  – EUDORA WELTY

I have been diving into a number of the 21 Secrets Workshop videos and learning some really fun techniques for expanding my exploration of this creative process.  The latest video I watched was Tamara Laporte’s – Collage, Paint & Soul – I believe that she lives in Britain and she offers many on-line workshops through her website   After watching the process she went through I decided to give it a try as I am always wanting to add some variety to my art pages and collages so that I continue to grow creatively and besides that is what these workshops are all about experimenting with new techniques. 

Tamara’s technique is to find photos of people from magazines and incorporate them into your collage along with the usual printed pages, patterned and textured scrapbook papers and any other things that you might like to add.  This creates the base for your page before you start to alter it with gesso, paint, etc.  She then paints over the face and other collage pieces which immediately alters the whole page – masking the original face of the model. Then you add new features, embellishments and so forth to totally make it into your own original piece. 

 This was a very interesting process and I was totally surprised at what I created. Again I start off my collages and paintings without anything really planned out – just letting myself freely create what ever my whispers tell me to do next – I find that works best for me because if I try to plan it out too much I just get stuck and end up sitting staring at the piece off and on for days – fearing that I will make a mistake and then finally I tell myself – what does it matter if I do make a mistake, I can alway cover it over with gesso and start over again.  So I do much better using free-form creating without a pre-conceived plan….just let the creative juices flow and see what turns up so that I don’t get so stuck. 

My first attempt I ended up loving the original photo so much I didn’t have the heart to alter it much so I just ended up adding collage elements of my hand written words and some painted experimental pages which ended up getting covered by

Dreams Infuse Your Spirit With Energy Spurring Us On To Greatness

Dreams Infuse Your Spirit With Energy

 molding paste, paint and stamping. 

For my next page I found a picture of a women that was quite large and it was at the edge of the page, I liked that because I felt like I wanted her to be looking out onto the page in a way.  I also used a picture of a goose and a clock that called out to

The Ability to Understand Beliefs About Yourself - Release Your Fears Discover Your Wings

 me, it also had a golden egg with it but it ended up getting covered up with her face.  I added some torn up pieces of hand written ‘ things that I love’  underneath everything so that it had some soul included, even though you can’t see it in the finished piece – the soul is deep within :).  Where her hair was I added some molding paste to give it a bit of texture and now it looks more like a hat then hair.   When I was in Michael’s yesterday looking for Paperclay I noticed that they had a huge new stock of stamps for $1.50 and I found some really interesting ones and I used this neat textured stamp to finish off the page.  I was quite pleased with the overall look of the page and my first attempt at altering photos from magazines.   I wish I had remembered to take the before picture so that you could see how it changed.   I am sure that I will continue to explore this technique – it really does have a lot of potential.

If you are wanting to discover more of your creative side, or learning how to do art journal pages or collages and want to expand your repertoire be sure to check out the 21 Secrets workshops  There is still another 3 months to enjoy and explore the playground – it really does open you up to some wonderfully fun and juicy ways to be creative plus look deeper within yourself while being a member of a community of other like-minded souls.

Til next time – happy creating!


Right Brain Painting of Your Business Landscape

As promised here are a few more tidbits I gathered from the recent Right Brainers  in Business  Summit with Jennifer Lee,  During the session on Painting a Picture of Your Business Landscape the guest speaker was Laura Hollick of   Laura’s booster to begin her session was to allow time for yourself and spirit.  She talked about taking time to figure out what makes you stand out by focusing on your gifts and strengths.  Then look at painting a business self portrait using three words that describe you and your gifts that you have to offer.  It is a great exercise to see how to connect who you are with the world and how you add value.  Most important is to keep yourself in alignment with who you are and where you want your business to go and yes, sometimes you have to go off track to find your alignment.  By doing this exercise it helps us strengthen our connection to our spirit and builds a stronger connection with our core self. 

In my earlier post I mentioned  how doing a mind map provides you with your first visual of the what, where, how, etc. of your business –  so the  next step is doing a visual flow spreadsheet that you can update weekly, monthly, etc. Of course  ‘The Moola’ (money) is an integral part of your business and you need a way to measure and see how you are doing and know where to make adjustments or change things if it’s not working.  You want to have something that you look at and use to measure your progress on a regular basis. And here’s a thought give love to bringing in a significant revenue from your business so that you can help others. 

Here’s a unique way to increase revenue and clients – try writing love letters to your perfect clients (not that you actually send them the letters you  are just putting them out to the Universe).  Another great suggestion is to walk hand in hand, arm and arm with your money.  If you are anything like me you may have to work on changing your core beliefs about money so that you get in better alignment and vibration with abundance of money flowing into your life.

Corralling your creative cohorts by offering and accepting help, put a wish list out there – what do you need help with?  Build strategic alliances, find mentors and build your inner circle of a small army of remarkable people – these consist of groups of prospects (those that stumble onto you), groups of followers (email, Twitter, Face Book  of which only 4% are true fans). Your group of allies (peers, colleagues, and other like-minded people). Make connections by engaging with on-line communities. 

As an entrepreneur, write a letter to yourself for the future, where do you see yourself  one year, five years and 10 years from now? Establish a strong creative purpose, spend time in meditation, walk in nature, hang out with like-minded people and share what inspires you and others. 

Final thoughts on the Right Brainers Business plan is how do you want to feel when you finish putting your plan all together?  Remember we manifest our reality from our inner talk, so be kind to yourself and most of all believe you can do it.  Then put it out there and  just see what happens!  So I highly recommend checking out Jennifer Lee’s book The Right Brainers Business Plan  I have included a photo from Jennifer’s site that includes all of the guest speakers that participated in the summit below.

All the great guest speakers from the Right Brainers in Business Summit

Til next time,