Canvas and recycled cardboard

I am going through creative withdrawal this past couple of weeks as I had to have surgery on my right hand…I am right-handed .  So I have this cast on my hand and arm allowing me very little mobility, so no messing around with paint and collage for a while.  I have a cast on for 6 weeks!  So I’m  trying to find other ways of being creative.  I have been checking out various artist blogs and storing  inspiration for when I am able to paint again.One of my favorite artists right now is Donna Downey She has some wonderful art journal tutorial videos.

Seek the Power Within

Just prior to my surgery I went on a creative frenzy trying out painting and collaging in squares of unstretched canvas.  I found I really enjoyed this process and did a few in just a matter of days.  Then the question of what to mount these canvas pieces on and I decided to recycle some cardboard, applied some gesso and then painted with various colours to coordinate with  my canvas creations. 

Pure Joy & Bliss

I then  mounted the canvas to the cardboard  using embroidery cotton and some recycled raffia I had just to add a bit more interest to the frame.  Afterwards I roughed up the cardboard with some sandpaper to give it a more weathered look and then used a bit of distressing ink.  I really like how they turned out and can’t wait to make some more. 

Until I can actually use my hand again I am going to try doing collage digitally in photo shop….need to have some creative outlet for the next 4 weeks otherwise I may go crazy….

The pics I have include are not the best as I scanned them and they were a bit bigger than my scanner. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can hold a camera again.

Happy creating to you


Honey Bee Dahlia Haven – Ferncliffe Gardens

Ferncliffe Gardens, Mission, BC

Yesterday I had the pleasure of exploring Ferncliffe Gardens in Mission, BC with my friend Cyndi.  What a visual explosion of colour it was.  I have never seen so many varieties of  dahlias before let alone in one garden – we were astonished at the size of some of the blossoms as well – some over 10″ across. The bees were  certainly in a nectar haven hopping from colourful  blossom to another.  They also sell bouquets  of a dozen stems for $6 or you can wander the garden making a list of the blossoms that are your favorite and purchase the bulbs so that you can enjoy them in your own garden.  Ferncliffe Gardens is certainly a place for the avid gardener to visit.

Earlier we visited the Westminster Abby which is also located in Mission.  What a gorgeous old church and monastery ….the stained glass windows are breathtaking and then there are some paths you can walk where you can get a great view of the Fraser River and the surrounding farmland. 

Stained glass windows in Westminster Abbey - Mission, BC

It was truly a very serene and enjoyable way to spend a hot summer afternoon topping it off with an ice-cold beer and dinner at the Brew Pub overlooking the Fraser River.

One of the many yellow dahliasMulti-coloured Dahlia

Until next time, enjoy the beautiful fall sunshine.