Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I was in a Craft Fair a week ago and am so grateful to those who bought my paintings.

A very dear friend who is so very supportive of my art bought the following three pieces.

I have been drawing birds lately and these birds are the results.

The first is a 10 x 10  deep canvas mixed-media collage using papers, hand drawing, acrylics and Venetian plaster.

sold art 003 copy

Sing Your Song


The second is a 6 x 6 encaustic on wood panel.

sold art 002

Hope for the World

The third is another encaustic on 6 x 6 wood panel.

sold art 001

Free as a Bird

Thank you for taking the time to check out my art work.

Until next time, happy creating.


Happy Mistakes

“Live in the field of possibilities.”

I have a number of canvases I have worked on and left and keep going back and looking at them and with this one I finally decided that I really didn’t like it and it was time to recycle the hot mess it had become by covering it up with Venetian plaster. I should have taken a picture of it first but I really like the transformation.

The original canvas had a couple of paper circles that still showed through the plaster so I made them into some colourful abstract flowers instead. To give the canvas lots of texture I used a stamp when the venetian plaster was still wet.

Be Kind

Be Kind

The blue paint I thought was acrylic and I was adding water to it and trying to dab it off in places and then realized that actually I had mixed in a tube of oil paint with my acrylics and that is what it was, but in the end I really like the contrast and how it went onto the canvas.  So it was a happy mistake as often art turns out to be.

The quote BE KIND I had painted onto the original canvas and I decided that I wanted to keep it in view on the revised piece – it is a reminder to always choose to be kind.