Inspired by colours of Mexico

One of the things I love about being in Mexico is all the beautiful colours from the beautiful blooms to the colourful doors and buildings.  I was inspired by all these colours from my recent trip to Lo de Marcos and created this collage.  I used a variety of mixed media, tissue paper, acrylics, pitt pens, and even some water-colour.  I love how the tissue paper added a rough textured terra-cotta look, it was fun how it evolved into the finished piece.  The photo I took in San Pancho, Mexico inspired me to do the arches in my collage.

I find that what I have been doing lately with my art is just randomly adding pieces of paper, colour etc. and seeing what turns out at the very end, most times it is a pleasant surprise.

Until next time, happy creating


From art journal pages to digital collage

Felt I hadn’t done any digital collage for a while and didn’t want to forget how to use Photoshop Elements.  I always like to scan my art journal pages so that I can use them in my digital collage, so that way it is more my own original art work.  I wasn’t feeling particularly creative last week and decided to play around with Elements while watching TV and created this piece using a number of my scanned pages. Not sure if it is finished yet, but decided to share it anyway.

Just a short post ….til next time