Believe in Miracles

I have been absent from blogging for a while probably because I haven’t been in a creative state of mind for a couple of months because I have been consumed with trying to get my mentally challenged brother the medical care that he requires.

One would think living in Canada that medical care was at your fingertips and easily accessible but that is not the case, wait lists to see specialists are incredibly long as well as to have special tests done such as MRIs and CT scans meanwhile the disease that you are trying to have diagnosed continues to ravage the body.   This has been the case with my brother.  By the time he finally received surgery  the cancer had spread so now his prognosis is not what we had hoped for – but I  have not lost faith and still ‘Believe in Miracles and pray that he will be able to rally and gain strength to fight off the remaining cancer and have some quality of life left.  What ever the outcome he is in God’s hands.

This piece is a 24 x 8  canvas that I was working on for some time and finally was able to put the words to it so I could call it complete.  It is by far one of my favourites and puts me in a happy place.

Believe in MiraclesI used a variety of collage papers, burlap to make the hearts, watercolour, acrylics and some Iinktense blocks for colour.

Until next time