Altering Your Art Digitally

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This digital collage is composed of my scanned artwork that I did previously including a photo of dandelion puffs I took early in  the spring.  I have been continuing my practice using the filters and shadow effects in Photoshop Elements along with experimenting with different light filters.    I started out with the following scanned art which I placed in individual layers and then manipulated with filters, inverting colour, etc. The wings are created with digital brushes.

The photo above is the finished collage.

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Creating with Photoshop Elements

“Open your mind and create freely”

I switch back and forth from getting messy with paints and gesso and little bits of paper creating collage to taking my scanned art journal pages and repurposing them in a digital collage.  I am starting to experiment more with filters and special effects and found some great sites to download free adobe brushes to use, one site that had a good selection is  the nice thing about digital collage there is no mess to clean up afterwards…..

I have been going through a book on digital collage that I purchased a while back, ‘Digital Expressions – creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements’ by Susan Tuttle and trying the different techniques.  Over the past few days I have been working on three different digital collages, this one I really like the colours

Fond memories of Paris

and it was a bit reminiscent of our trip to Paris a few years ago since I used  bits and pieces from scanned postcards from the trip in the layers along with one of my recently drawn faces.  I enjoyed trying the different filters to see what effects I could create, and I am pleased with the results.

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