21 Secrets Workshop – a very fun playground

I am so excited that the 21 Secrets Workshop started on Friday.  I couldn’t wait to start exploring the various artists workshops – 21 artists created workshops that assist you with your creativity in your art journal pages and other art forms.  The first one on the list was “Three Little Words” – to begin you are instructed to go through your journals, favorite books, etc and pick out strings of three words that speak to you and just start making lists of these phrases. At first I thought I would not get that many on my list but so far I have created three pages with two rows on each page!  Some examples of my three word phrases:  embrace the funky, place of calm,

In the moment - my own emerging

learning to enjoy, my creative life, permission to create, what feels real, warmth that influences, energy of being, discover the tears, the open heart.  By doing this exercise it has created a wealth of phrases that I can use in my art pages, and they are words that speak to me and how I am feeling at a particular moment and helps to remind me that I am on a creative journey.  So far I have used six of the three word strings in three different pages I created.  What a great tool this is – I love it!

You can jump around and join in any of the workshops whenever you like which is great cause you don’t have to do them in order or be structured, just go where you are called to at the moment – so the next one I checked out was the  “Child’s Play Workshop“, it was number two on the list so I wasn’t jumping around too much yet.  Here I learned how to create my own stamps to use with paints and inks, how cool is that?   It reminded me of when I was a child and we made potato stamps, she didn’t do this but used strings, a

Everything is possible - set the course

 sticky back foam, etc.  So I had to try it out – I need to refine my designs but it worked and I used the stamp on some pages and I actually liked how it looks.  I will have to dig deep into my memory and try creating a few potato stamps just for the fun of it.  So now I am looking around my studio for things I could turn into a cool stamp. 

There is so much to learn through these workshops and the community is growing daily, it looks like it will be a really interactive one that I will enjoy getting involved with. You can post your creations on the forums for the various workshops too and see what others are creating as well.  If you are interested in joining in on all this creative fun check out the playground by visiting http://www.dirtyfootprintsworkshops.com/2008/09/21-secrets-art-journal-playground.html to register is only $59 and you get access to the site and community from April 1 to August 1…..well worth it. 

 Til next time happy creating!


Right Brain Painting of Your Business Landscape

As promised here are a few more tidbits I gathered from the recent Right Brainers  in Business  Summit with Jennifer Lee, www.Artizencoaching.com.  During the session on Painting a Picture of Your Business Landscape the guest speaker was Laura Hollick of www.soulstudios.com.   Laura’s booster to begin her session was to allow time for yourself and spirit.  She talked about taking time to figure out what makes you stand out by focusing on your gifts and strengths.  Then look at painting a business self portrait using three words that describe you and your gifts that you have to offer.  It is a great exercise to see how to connect who you are with the world and how you add value.  Most important is to keep yourself in alignment with who you are and where you want your business to go and yes, sometimes you have to go off track to find your alignment.  By doing this exercise it helps us strengthen our connection to our spirit and builds a stronger connection with our core self. 

In my earlier post I mentioned  how doing a mind map provides you with your first visual of the what, where, how, etc. of your business –  so the  next step is doing a visual flow spreadsheet that you can update weekly, monthly, etc. Of course  ‘The Moola’ (money) is an integral part of your business and you need a way to measure and see how you are doing and know where to make adjustments or change things if it’s not working.  You want to have something that you look at and use to measure your progress on a regular basis. And here’s a thought give love to bringing in a significant revenue from your business so that you can help others. 

Here’s a unique way to increase revenue and clients – try writing love letters to your perfect clients (not that you actually send them the letters you  are just putting them out to the Universe).  Another great suggestion is to walk hand in hand, arm and arm with your money.  If you are anything like me you may have to work on changing your core beliefs about money so that you get in better alignment and vibration with abundance of money flowing into your life.

Corralling your creative cohorts by offering and accepting help, put a wish list out there – what do you need help with?  Build strategic alliances, find mentors and build your inner circle of a small army of remarkable people – these consist of groups of prospects (those that stumble onto you), groups of followers (email, Twitter, Face Book  of which only 4% are true fans). Your group of allies (peers, colleagues, and other like-minded people). Make connections by engaging with on-line communities. 

As an entrepreneur, write a letter to yourself for the future, where do you see yourself  one year, five years and 10 years from now? Establish a strong creative purpose, spend time in meditation, walk in nature, hang out with like-minded people and share what inspires you and others. 

Final thoughts on the Right Brainers Business plan is how do you want to feel when you finish putting your plan all together?  Remember we manifest our reality from our inner talk, so be kind to yourself and most of all believe you can do it.  Then put it out there and  just see what happens!  So I highly recommend checking out Jennifer Lee’s book The Right Brainers Business Plan http://rightbrainersinbusiness.com/  I have included a photo from Jennifer’s site that includes all of the guest speakers that participated in the summit below.

All the great guest speakers from the Right Brainers in Business Summit

Til next time,