Shopping Therapy and Creative Fun and Games

Pretty Bridal Shower Table

I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend with my sister and my American family.  The majority of my family live in Bothell, Washington so we don’t get to see each other that often – the last time was in January.  So when I was invited to attend my great-niece’s bridal shower this past weekend I immediately accepted. 

My youngest niece is 8 years younger than me and I always love spending time with her cause we have such fun and I was delighted that she didn’t have to work on Friday giving us the opportunity to do some serious shopping therapy. We headed to Alderwood Mall to Macy’s for their huge one-day sale, which actually is a three-day sale.  It was amazing the discounts that were available in all departments and our dollar was above par so it made the sales even better.  I was in the market for a dress for my great-nieces wedding in June as was my sister, so we hit the more formal wear department.  I found a great dress for a fraction of the price plus a dress for my daughter…bonus!  We took a break for some lunch at the Paneria and enjoyed some wonderful soup and then headed back  to Macy’s for a bit more browsing.  I ended up going back on Saturday on my own and spent another couple of hours scouring the many racks of clothes and came out with some wonderful deals.  I ended up with $422 worth or merchandise and paid only $152 including taxes, now that’s a sale and the best shopping therapy ever. 

Sunday was the Bridal shower and I was really looking forward to it as my niece loves to throw a party and always has great ideas for games to entertain the guests.  She did a wonderful job decorating the food table – it was picture perfect.  Besides being a decorating diva she has this really great sense of humour and loves to do silly things.  She had made a visit to Value Village and picked up a bunch of crazy hats, wigs, over-size sunglasses and changed  the old game of

Dahling we look simply marvelous!

musical chairs to musical hats.  She split up the group so that half were wearing the hats etc. and then when the music stopped you had to grab one and put it on

Musical Hats Group Photo

your head and then there was a group photo, and it continued in such a fashion eliminating the hats as we went along.  It was certainly fun and we laughed so hard as everyone looked so funny.  Of course I am sure that the main reason was so that my niece could get some crazy silly photos and she definitely succeeded with a new twist on an old game and it was entertaining and sure beat the old make a wedding dress out of toilet paper game. 

Til next time live life creatively!