Playing with Watercolours and Portraits

I like to jump back and forth between mediums with my art and today it was a watercolour portrait kind of a day. I was inspired by the art of Kate Thompson for this piece I did in my art journal.
The Girl with Flowers
I do love how artist share their techniques and provide workshops on-line. I am planning on taking one of Kate Thompson’s workshops on The Trodden Path – perhaps Watercolor Fresco Painting or her Painting and Composition; Mixed Media and Fabric Collage both incorporate Venetian plaster which is fast becoming one my favorite things to use in my collages as it adds such an old world feel to the substrates.

Until next time, happy creating



Altering Your Art Digitally

Each day, every day, live in the moment, take time to DREAM – LISTEN to your HEART- Live, Create & Imagine…

This digital collage is composed of my scanned artwork that I did previously including a photo of dandelion puffs I took early in  the spring.  I have been continuing my practice using the filters and shadow effects in Photoshop Elements along with experimenting with different light filters.    I started out with the following scanned art which I placed in individual layers and then manipulated with filters, inverting colour, etc. The wings are created with digital brushes.

The photo above is the finished collage.

Until next time