Inspired by colours of Mexico

One of the things I love about being in Mexico is all the beautiful colours from the beautiful blooms to the colourful doors and buildings.  I was inspired by all these colours from my recent trip to Lo de Marcos and created this collage.  I used a variety of mixed media, tissue paper, acrylics, pitt pens, and even some water-colour.  I love how the tissue paper added a rough textured terra-cotta look, it was fun how it evolved into the finished piece.  The photo I took in San Pancho, Mexico inspired me to do the arches in my collage.

I find that what I have been doing lately with my art is just randomly adding pieces of paper, colour etc. and seeing what turns out at the very end, most times it is a pleasant surprise.

Until next time, happy creating


Paper Blooms – Mexican Style

Mexican paper flowers make me happy, they are so beautiful and bright and add a touch of festivity.  A number of months ago I was searching for an alternative to fresh flower table centres and decorations and came across some videos’ on-line that gave great directions on how to make Mexican tissue flowers, so I tried making some(there are lots of directions available).   My daughter loved them and wanted to incorporate them into her June wedding reception decorations.   So today I got busy and made about 30 of them. 

They are really quite easy to make and oh so colourful! You just have to be careful when you are separating the layers so not to tear the tissue.

Here are some directions – I evenly folded the package of tissue and cut approximately 8″ widths and then cut in half to create pieces of approximately 8″ x 10″. Each

Colourful Mexican Tissue Flowers

flower has 6 layers of approximately 8″ x 10″ pieces.  Fold  the stack of 6 layers accordian style – 1″ folds – finished length is about 8″.  Cut the corners off at each end making a rounded end.  Fold in half and secure a pipe cleaner or floral wire around the middle as tight as possible.  Next take one side and fan out and then carefully separate each layer this creates the fullness of the flower – too much pulling or pressure will tear the tissue paper,  repeat on the other side. 

It took me about 30 minutes to create 10 medium-sized blooms – this was from one package of tissue paper.

If you are looking to add an inexpensive touch of colour to your environment then give these flowers a try they will brighten any room and great for party decorating or you could add them to a gift for an extra splash of fun.

Til next time happy creating