Right Brainer’s Business Plan

So do you see yourself as a LEFT Brain Thinker or a RIGHT Brain Thinker?  I have always known I was more of a right brainer then a left brainer.  I really like the creative side of things and shy away from the more analytical side of life, you know the accounting, reporting, filing kind of stuff – I do what is necessary but it isn’t something that I enjoy doing.  So I was really excited when I came across a webinar that was going to take place that spoke to us ‘Right Brainers’ and would provide insight on how to do a Right Brainers Business Plan.  The summit just finished up on Friday, March 11 and I miss the interviews already.   Jennifer Lee of  www.Artizencoaching.com and author of ‘The Right Brainers Business Plan’,  presented the webinar and had lots of great guests throughout the 10 days.  You can get more information on how to access the interviews if you visit Jennifer’s site.

The summit was geared towards creative entrepreneurs – lots of the subject matter I had knowledge of already but having it put into the context for a right brainer just helped reaffirm what I should be practicing. During the summit Jennifer and her guests provided tips on how to strengthen your creativity muscles by journaling and capturing your ideas without censoring them.  There was discussion on how  to get started on the dreaded business plan but instead making it a fun visual exercise that you will want to review often.  I did a business plan back in May 2010 and it was like going to the dentist, really something I didn’t enjoy doing, in fact it was painful, but I did the best I could cause I felt I needed to have some sort of plan in place if I was to start my own business, but my heart was not in it.  I wish I had seen this summit before I had struggled through the pain and frustration of the formal plan.

We were reminded to take some simple steps like ‘begin with the end in mind’, think about and write down what your BIG VISION is because when you give it a voice it gives power to your vision.  Julie Stuart, www.makingideasvisiible.com had some great advise  –  first of all do a mind map (this is basically a brain dump of all your ideas for your business – anything goes).  When you go through this process it allows you to ask questions like  ‘What is my business trying to tell me? Where is it trying to go? What does it feel like?’  Have fun with the mind map, doodling, drawing little pictures and see what you come up with. I have used mind maps a few times and it is a fun process just dumping all of your ideas no matter how random onto a piece of paper or white board (that’s how I got started on my formal business plan).

I really enjoyed how they started off each interview session with a Booster or Chill pill – a booster might be allowing time for yourself to just be or a Chill pill – clear the clutter and get organized so that you can put your left brain at ease.  Finding ways to strengthen your connection to your creative spirit and build a stronger connection to your core self and  how important it is to value the nothing time, recognize when it’s a time to fill up your well again.  Look for ways to sparkle and shine!

There was a session on marketing your business and how to get the word out, recommending that you make a list of  who your perfect customers or clients are (you know the demographic/psychographic stuff) and something they found helpful was to create a postcard size visual collage with your perfect clients on it and keep it where you can see it everyday. They stressed how important it was to find your own marketing style and how and where you can share your gifts.  To remember to pick things that resonate with you cause if you don’t then you’re not likely to do them…..this is so true!  I know myself, if I have to do something that I am not particularly liking I will keep stalling but if it’s something I enjoy then I am  anxious to get right on it, leaving the more mundane chore for another time (is that procrastination?). Also remember to connect with people from your heart by forming a community or tribe which could be made up of your clients/customers or just other like-minded who support you.  Most important,  pay attention to your inner energy, if it feels good move forward if it feels bad – take a look and see if it is really something you should be doing and revamp where necessary. 

I will share a few more of the tidbits that I picked up from the summit in my next post.  In the mean time I am excited to share a couple of  the pages from my Right Brain Business Plan that I created over the weekend…..it was so fun to do and it will be something that I enjoy reviewing at and visualizing with every week instead of the one I wrote last May that I have barely looked at. My Vision for Eventgal.ca

How will I market my business?

My RB Business Plan fold out (one side)
I know some of you may say how would you take this type of plan to a bank if you were looking for financing for your business…..well you may have to do a traditional financial assessment and forecast for that (you could still have some fun with it as well)but what this is really all about is making a visual plan that makes you feel good when you look at it so you get the great feelings which align your vibrations and get you in sync with what you really want so that the Universe will begin to provide you with opportunities etc. to manifest your dream business.Til next time, happy creating!