Playing with Watercolours and Portraits

I like to jump back and forth between mediums with my art and today it was a watercolour portrait kind of a day. I was inspired by the art of Kate Thompson for this piece I did in my art journal.
The Girl with Flowers
I do love how artist share their techniques and provide workshops on-line. I am planning on taking one of Kate Thompson’s workshops on The Trodden Path – perhaps Watercolor Fresco Painting or her Painting and Composition; Mixed Media and Fabric Collage both incorporate Venetian plaster which is fast becoming one my favorite things to use in my collages as it adds such an old world feel to the substrates.

Until next time, happy creating


Embrace Your Journey

I have been AOL from my blog posts – April was a very sad month, my brother was very ill and passed away mid-April so I haven’t been very focused on my art or blogging.  But I am now ready to get creative once again.

Today I started playing around with a watercolour painting that I did while in Mexico which I scanned and then added some digital enhancement to it using Photoshop Elements 10.

Love. Focus your thoughts. Embrace your journey.

Love. Focus your thoughts. Embrace your journey.

I included some background papers with various filters and then added some grass at the bottom using a Photoshop brush and then painted some grass background.  I added a handwritten quote that I had scanned as well.  I like how it all turned out and most of all it felt so good to be creative after such a long time…art helps your heart heal and feel so much lighter.

Until next time

Be gentle with yourself



Artist in Lo de Marcos

Beach Sculpture

Beach Sculpture

Only a few more days of my extended stay in Mexico left and I have to say that I have met some very talented artists while here.  There are many musicians that come together and form bands for the duration of their winter stay or have jam sessions where we can go and listen and enjoy some really great music.  Besides musicians there are painters of all mediums and I am inspired by their many talents.  A week ago a few of us got together to paint on the patio facing the beach

The artista table

The artista table

and it was wonderful to see all their different techniques and learn some new ones myself.  Being a self-taught mixed-media artist I am always watching for new techniques to help improve my skills especially in water-colour and acrylics.

Where we held the day of art was at Villa del Ray which is owned by an extremely talented artist Lonny Ford,

3 Amigos

3 Amigos

he has decorated his rental suites with his art

Donkey planter

Donkey planter

and the property and it is fun just walking around and seeing all his different sculptures – every time I went there I discovered another piece that was amazing.

Pelican Pilots

Pelican Pilots

Interesting enough, he does not sell his art, it is strictly for his own enjoyment and those that stay at his house and suites.

I have included e few pictures of his amazing and often humorous art work.


Until next time


I`m a Late Bloomer

I am so excited to be featured on this lovely blog for late bloomers it encourages me and inspires me to continue on my artful journey.  I love reading the amazing stories of others that started on their art journey later in life and how it has added more joy and happiness to their life.


The Garden of the Mind – Your Imagination

“The garden of the world has no limits except in your mind.  Its presence is more beautiful than the stars, with more clarity then the polished mirror of your heart.”  Rumi (poet 1207-1273)

I have been playing with Photo Shop Elements using some of my scanned collages to see what I can do combining various  pieces into one.


For this collage I drew the face and then added various mixed-media elements and used some hand-made stamps, watercolours and my favorite pan pastels.  I think what I love the most about pan pastels is the soft creamy texture it gives.I always like to scan my collages so I can use them later in digital collages or print them out and use various elements from them in new collages.  I took this scanned collage and used it as the main focal point in this digital collage, and added another collage background using different opacity and added two more figures.  I really liked the words written by Rumi and thought they went well with the dreamy look of the composition.  The last photo was used in the collage to add texture, etc.Til next time, happy creating


Imagination – The Garden of the Mind

Shades of Blue

From art journal pages to digital collage

Felt I hadn’t done any digital collage for a while and didn’t want to forget how to use Photoshop Elements.  I always like to scan my art journal pages so that I can use them in my digital collage, so that way it is more my own original art work.  I wasn’t feeling particularly creative last week and decided to play around with Elements while watching TV and created this piece using a number of my scanned pages. Not sure if it is finished yet, but decided to share it anyway.

Just a short post ….til next time


Snowy January day = art day

‘There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.’ Christopher Morley (1890 – 1957)

Living in the Pacific Northwest  we don’t get a lot of snow days but usually there are a few during January or February and today is one of those days.  Actually the snow made its first appearance on Saturday morning and now it is snowing like crazy, very pretty and I am grateful that I don’t have to travel anywhere and can just enjoy watching the flakes fall.  It won’t last long around here by the weekend there is likely to be no trace that it snowed except for big piles of dirty snow in parking lots and along the roadside.

This past week I have been doing some sketching and doodling in my art journal and just playing around with lettering for fun, finding inspiration from January theme “Doodling”.  I have also been checking out other mixed media blogs that offer weekly or monthly art challenges, I like the challenges because the theme gives you a great jumping off point to get the creative juices flowing.  I love checking out other artists interpretations too, they are all so different.  One of the sites I have joined recently is this weeks challenge is ‘dance’and you can do traditional collage or digital, so I am going to do both!  I love using art that I have made by scanning it and then apply it to my digital collage creations.

Seek Happiness

The picture (not on the theme) in this post is a combination of a few different collage pieces I created and then scanned and selected parts from the scanned art as layers for the digital collage.

Until next time try some doodling or sketching it’s a great way to pass the gloomy days of winter.


Delicious new art supplies!

My Christmas wish list this year was mainly art supplies and I received the majority of them under the tree.  I was so excited to get the Pan Pastel Starter kit, which included a few sponges, Shades of Grey pitt pens, pit artists pens, mini canvases, a How to Draw for the Mixed Media Artist and art magazines.  I have been playing around with my new supplies the last couple of days now that things have settled down from Christmas celebrations and have been having fun experimenting.

Practice makes perfect have patience

Still have lots to learn about pan pastels, so think I will try Donna Downey’s Pan Pastel 101 on-line workshop so that I can hone some techniques and make the most out of my pan pastels.


These picture to the left is my first attempts trying out my new Shades of Grey Pitt Pens, and following a Pam Carriker Tutorial….still need lots of practice learning how to shade.  The one to the right is done with pan pastels and watercolours and some charcoal pencil to add more depth.

I am so grateful for these mixed media artists sharing their talents and providing such great tutorials so that others can become better artists too.


Shades of Grey with a touch of Pan Pastel




Whimsical Digital Collage – Just For Fun

Just for fun 

Believe in Your Dreams

I decided to play around with a scrap-book page of whimsical house images – scanning them so that I could select each house individually to create this digital collage.  I wanted to make it look like the houses were flying through the sky so I skewed them so they were distorted a bit.  I then added some background layers from my own hand made collages which included some lettering I had done a while back.  I loved the fact that the houses had blues and pinks because they are some of my favorite colours to use in my art. 

Til next time try to find something creative to do in your day.

Paper mache and collage come together

‘Being creativemeans trusting your own purpose and having an attitude of unbending intent in your daily thoughts and activities.’

I have been busy the last little while trying some new techniques to incorporate into my collage art.  One of the techniques that really intrigued me was making little fun foam forms covering them paper mache toilet paper using diluted soft medium gel with water.  I learned this technique from Pam Carriker’s book ‘Art at the Speed of Life’.  It was really fun to do, I designed my little dresses and cut them out in sticky back fun foam and then attached some detail to the top of the forms attaching  them to another larger piece of foam to keep them from moving around.  I then took sheets of toilet paper and separated them so they were single-ply placing each sheet individually on  the forms spraying them with the diluted gel medium to adhere together.  Approximately 8 – 10 layers – as I added each layer I gently pushed out bubbles forming the paper around the details and shapes of the dresses.  You have to let them dry for at least 24 hours and then it easily lifts of the form – gently and carefully tear off any excess along the edges. 

Paper mache and collage come together

I had painted and collaged a 8 x 10 flat canvas that I had purchased at the Dollar Store and when I finally got it to the point where I liked how it looked I added a little clothes line to attach the dresses to.  Before attaching the dresses I used some distress inks to add a little more detail and depth to the paper mache dresses and attached with these little clothes pegs I found at the Dollar Store.  The Dollar Store is a great place to find items to use in your collages!   I also glued the dresses to the canvas with some gel medium and I am going to attach a saying of some sort to it to finish it off – there is a temporary one in place in the pic in the post.  I am very happy with how it all turned out.  The border outline I did with black paint and tar gel to just give it a bit more pop. 

So this was an experiment that turned out the way I hoped it would and I am excited to try it again very soon. 

Stay tuned for more on my collage adventures shortly. 

Til next time happy creating!


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