Many Faces

My intention is to be able to draw faces – I never really tried drawing them up until this past year and let me tell you I have since drawn some pretty weird, scary almost at times faces but I am happy with the progress I have been making.  I think the key for me, anyway, is to practice a lot.  Recently I did just that and am pleased with some of the outcomes, but not all of them – it amazes me how you can use the same technique and end up with something so totally different. I mostly used conte crayon, and pan pastels for colour.

Next is mastering hair.

Here are some of my favorites that I have done in the past month.



Drawing takes a lot of practice…

I love creating art pages, it is a great way to practice various art techniques and if you do something you don’t particularly like or mess up then you can either gesso over it or start a whole new page.  It allows me the space to be fearless and develop my skills as I go along.  The last couple of weeks I have been practicing a lot of face drawing which is one of the skills I want to develop – I have to really work at trying to get proportion right even though I am not trying to create a life-like face but a more whimsical one.  I find I have trouble with eyes so I decided to just draw some faces with the eyes closed  and practice shading and see what developed.  Still need to work on face shapes as sometimes they look a little weird but I am a work in progress and if I continue to practice I will soon find it easier and will be able to create faces with more ease that  I can incorporate into my mixed-media collages.

Here are a few of my recent whimsical type faces I have done in the past few days.

Afterwards I decided to add some collage ephemera to the pages and then added som pan pastels.  I was so excited when I went to Opus the other day and found that they now have pan pastels in the store so I  could not resist buying a few new bright colours.  Next  photos are how the pages progressed into a collage.  I recently watched Pam Carriker`s tutorials on recycle art journal pages which  were a big influence in my face drawings.

Til next time, happy creating