A Toast to 2014

I created this collage for a special friend who is a ‘Sommelier’ (one who has studied areas of wine procurement, wine storage, wine cellar rotation, and expert service to wine)
Cheers Taking what I learned when I took Sandra Duran Wilson’s – No Fail Fescoes class at the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland I applied these techniques to the collage. You can find Sandra on Facebook or at her website http://www.sandraduranwilson.com/Artist

To begin with I covered the canvas with some collage papers and then thinly applied Venetian plaster and pressed a stamp into the plaster to create a textured aged look. I drew some wine glasses on ‘Rice Paper’ because of it’s transparency and used a gold pen to write positive words within the glasses and then cut them out and attached them to the canvas. I added more layers of Venetian plaster here and there and then started using oil pastels, rubbing it into the crevices to add colour and more depth to the overall collage and this is what I ended up with.

My friend loved the collage and has hung it in a special spot by her wine collection.

If you want to try using Venetian plaster in your collages you can get it from Home Depot.

Happy New Year and Happy Creating



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