The tranquille little town of Lo de Marcos

Sunset in Lo de Marcos

I have just returned from a lovely two-week vacation in Lo de Marcos, Mexico which is located about 1.5 hours north of Puerto Vallarta.  I have friends that have been to Lo de Marcos a number of times and they raved about what a wonderful little piece of heaven it was so I decided to meet up with them this year.  It is a small, quiet little town for sure but it has a number of RV parks scattered along the beach and some  have bungalows for rent. The RVers spend 3-4 months, and the bungalows are great for friends that are coming for just a week or two.  We stayed in bungalows at El Pequino Paraiso one of the RV parks at the south end of Lo de Marcos.  It was a very nice location, just a short walk to the mostly deserted beach and the bungalows were clean and had cooking facilities and a nice balcony, nothing fancy but certainly adequate and the price was definitely right at approximately $35 CAD a night.  It is a bit of walk into town may be 15 minutes at a slow pace.

It reminded me a bit of Barra de Navidad, only smaller, where you can walk on the streets and when a car comes by you just move over to the side.  There is only one out of the 3 main streets that is paved with cement and only a few cars parked on the side here and there.  There are some good restaurants in town – Luna’s Pizza which just opened recently, and is run by a young man from Italy and his lovely wife and another friend from England.  The italian fare is unbelievable, you would think that you were in Italy not a sleepy little town in Mexico.  The pizza was authentic italian style,delicious thin crust and the spinach salad incredible.  They offered a number of other Italian dishes and a special of the day – if you visit Lo de Marcos you definitely have to stop in there. Every night there was waits to eat there, and the service was always great and friendly.  .

Another fun place especially on Wednesday evenings was Tia Juana’s when they had live entertainment and the restaurant was filled to capacity with snowbirds enjoying the tunes from the band Sons of Beaches – a group of retirees from British Columbia and the US who have a love for music and play together during their stay in Mexico.

A great place for breakfast was Clarita’s, it is only open Thursday through Sunday another place where you may have to wait for a table.

The beaches are clean and very few people except when the waves get big and then it becomes a little bit of a boogie board haven along with a few surfers.  There is a surf shop in town next to Claritas for those wanting to rent a board and try out the surf. The locals are very friendly and helpful and I never felt unsafe walking along the streets at night.  If you like a quiet beautiful atmosphere and just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger tourist areas, Lo de Marcos is an excellent choice. You can catch a local bus right from the airport for 40 pesos and it will drop you off right at the town centre.

I will be posting about some of the surrounding towns we visited in the next couple of days.

Til next  time



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  2. Ara Acosta
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 15:34:42



    • creativityblossomsafter60
      Mar 11, 2012 @ 18:50:59

      Gracias Ara for your comments, I just did another post on San Pancho last night. What is your website for Lo de Marcos – I can add it as a link on my post? I am happy to help promote Lo de Marcos, though I don’t want it to get as busy as Sayulita and loose it’s small town charm.


  3. Florence Brown
    Mar 07, 2012 @ 20:33:06

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