2012 Intentions – Create, Blossom, Grow

Create, Blossom, Grow

Most of us set some kind of New Year’s resolutions and if you are anything like me they usually fall by the wayside within a month, so instead of making resolutions I decided I would make a list of intentions for the New Year, seems a little less intimidating.  I like the idea that I intend to accomplish something rather than I resolve to do something.

So my theme for 2012 is to Create, Blossom and Grow. My intentions are to practice my art everyday, with sketching, doodling, painting, collage, what ever draws me in.  I want to improve and grow as an artist over the next year and the only way to do that is to practice as often as possible.

Another intention is to become actively involved with the on-line art community and I have found a couple of sites that are interesting and I am now a member –  one is the Art Journaling site  http://artjournaling.ning.com lots of inspiration and great place to share. Another is The Sketch Book Challenge http://sketchbookchallenge.blogspot.com ‘ A group of artists came together and started The Sketchbook Challenge as a way to encourage others to open up their sketchbooks and discover what they knew: that the sketchbook can be one of the most valued tools in your artistic tool box.’  One of my favorite artists is included as a Sketch Book Challenge artist host for 2012 Pam Carriker http://pamcarriker.com I am totally in love with her art and her teaching style.  For the month of January the sketchbook challenge is Doodling which I have been doing for this past week with my new Pitt Pens, I enjoy learning how to shade and add more dimension to my art.  Of course still one of my favorite sites for inspiration is Donna Downey  http://donnadowney.typepad.com love her ‘Collage Monday’ and ‘Inspiration Wednesday Videos’.  

Yes, most of my intentions revolve around my artistic soul, I intend to join the group at the Surrey Art Council and see about volunteering at the Art Gallery, I really want to surround  myself  with creative souls.

The picture in this post is of one of my art pages with my theme for 2012, I loved creating this –  doodling and  using my new pitt pens and pan pastels.

Of course I also have the intention to lose some weight, and exercise more in 2012 like most other people.  Seems to me the older you get the more difficult it is to keep the pounds off and to lose the excess pounds, but I will keep working at it, if anything I will be healthy and fit, perhaps not as slim as I used to be but that is okay.

So have you set any intentions for 2012?

Until next time may your creative spirit soar!



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