Another Birthday, another year to look forward to….


Be Your Personal Best Birthday Art Journal Page

“Be Your Personal Best”

Another year has flown by, is it just me or is it the older you get the faster time goes.  Remember when you were a child and you were anxiously waiting for your next Birthday and you would say that you were 81/2 and now as a mature adult you don’t say you are a year older or 60 and a half you wait until the day of your Birthday before you flip over to the next number.  Funny though even though I am now 62 I still feel like I am in my 30’s inside and in my mind, except when I look in the mirror and wonder why my body does not reflect the youthfulness I feel inside.  I am trying to take aging gracefully, and enjoy the laugh lines, etc. and think of them as character lines but sometimes I wish that I could just take an eraser and rub them out so that my exterior reflects how youthful I still feel within.  Regardless of what age I am, I am very grateful for the wonderful year that has just passed and look forward to all that is coming in the year ahead. 

I created this digital collage as if I was doing an art journal page and the quote that kept jumping out at me was ‘Be Your Personal Best’ so that is the caption that ended up on the finished page.  So that shall be my mantra for this upcoming year.  Cheers to another year, looking forward to a lovely dinner with my daughter and her husband this evening, and some lunches with some of my lovely friends over the next few days.  Life is great!

Try to find a way to be creative everyday, til next time



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