My First Art Apron

“The trouble with trouble it usually starts while having fun.”

I have been playing with the idea of creating an apron to protect my clothes while I am messing around with paints, and gel mediums because I always seem to be splattering paint on me and then rushing to get a wet cloth to try to get it out before it in-beds itself forever.  I had bought some unbleached muslin a number of months ago and wondered if I might have enough fabric to make a full apron and sure enough there was exactly enough fabric for what I would need.  I used an apron that I wear while cooking big dinners at Christmas and used it as a pattern for my art apron.  It was quite easy and quick to sew and then I washed it  to remove the sizing out as it was very stiff, forgetting however how wrinkled unbleached muslin can become once it has been put into the dryer.  So then I had to iron out all the wrinkles and some of them just refused to disappear, oh well it  kind of lends a unique look to the fabric.

Art Apron

I decided to use a t-shirt transfer of one of my collages I had created a while ago as the main focal point of the apron and I created the words ‘Create Art Everyday’  and used another t-shirt transfer to adhere the words to the apron.  The  top border of the apron I used some acrylic paints, stamps, india ink, and gel pen as I wanted to keep it simple and easy on my hand since I am still only about 75% rehabilitated from my joint replacement 2 months ago.  It still gave me a feeling of accomplishment and progress being able to do a little painting by hand.  Most things I have created lately have been digital, but I am trying everyday to use a paintbrush. 

I really enjoyed sewing and creating my own little art and I am sure it will soon be covered with spatters of paint and goop before I know it, but that will just give it character and make me happy that I haven’t ruined another sweater. 

Until next time I hope you find some time in your day to be creative.




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