June Wedding Frenzy

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because I have been so busy preparing for my daughter’s wedding, travelling to attend my great niece’s wedding and then travelling to San Diego for my daughter’s wedding ceremony on Coronado Beach.  It was so beautiful and such a happy, happy day.  Having so much fun is exhausting and I am enjoying my ‘me’ time today now that I am back home.  Spending five days with the wedding party and grooms friends – all 20 somethings brings me back to my 20’s and realizing how as we grow older we lose are stamina for partying through the night.  

We were so fortunate to have found a wonderful house to rent that all of the wedding party could stay at – it even had a pool, hot tub and a large patio and barbecue, it was perfect.  The weather could have been warmer and sunnier – in San Diego they call it June gloom and I understand what that means now….it can be beautiful and sunny one minute and then the marine clouds roll in quickly and the temperature drops drastically.  One thing we really noticed that there are so many people in California – someone said that there are more people living in California then all of Canada.  The freeways are 4+ lanes and it seemed to be clogged all of the time and they are very aggressive drivers too…. so now we are back to our two lane highways I think if we had their highway system we would never have rush hour traffic here.

So next up is the wedding reception this coming Saturday with family and friends – we are so looking forward to celebrating with everyone. Still working on some decorations, seating plans etc. but it is all coming together nicely.  Then the happy couple will be off to Mexico for a lovely honeymoon. 

Til next time



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