Fun in the Creativity Playground

In my last post I wrote about my new adventures with the 21 Secrets Workshop series (more info on how to join the playground ).  I have to say it has been amazing playground so far.  I have been experimenting with the different techniques using paint, gesso, magazine pages, book pages, stamps etc. and now I  have a number of painted pages ready to do more creating on.   

The instructors for the various workshops are fantastic and they give you so much inspiration and great instructions.   One of my favorite things so far has been the three word phrases and being able to put together poetry of sorts from my phrases –  I have to laugh at the thought of me creating a poem that speaks to me from phrases I have written previously in my journals – but once I started it came easy. I think the last time I may have attempted any kind of poetry was in elementary school, now that is a long time ago.  Mind you this is not rhyming poetry and it may not speak to anyone else except me, but that is okay.  It is all about self-expression. 

The workshop The Self Portrait Experience is very intriguing for me as well, the artist conducting the workshop is Barbara Nigg of and she lives in Switzerland!  I haven’t started on any of the exercises  yet as I have had to limit my creativity for the past few days due to tendonitis in my right thumb….very frustrating when you can’t even hold a pen or a paint brush.  But it is 90% better today thanks to icing, Motrin and EFT – so if I watch what I am doing and not over-use it I should be back to the painting and creating in the next day or two. 

I am so enjoying watching the various workshop videos and seeing where the participants are from some as far away as China and Australia !  The WEB is a pretty amazing tool for bringing like-minded people together and being able to share their accomplishments.  I am so excited that I have four wonderful months to experience this and I plan to make the best of it and learn so much! 

I am posting a photo of a page I created using glued together magazine pages that I covered in gesso and then used stamps, acrylic

Guided to Believe in the Moment

paint, gel medium, charcoal and a poem I did with the three word phrases.  

Til next time happy creating



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