Entering the creative world of art journalling

Over the past few weeks I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on creating collage which has tweaked an interest in art journaling.  In years past I have recorded my thoughts in a journal off and on, however I find that I will journal consistently for a while and then I stop and don’t do anything for a long time.  Perhaps it is because I have a hard time writing something everyday.  Who knows but I do know it is therapeutic activity and allows me to clear my head.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit with a wonderfully creative artist that I met at the Valley Women’s Networking luncheon.  Violette lives in a purple cottage in White Rock, BC, and the colour doesn’t stop there  – the interior is a delightful mix of  terracotta, lime green, bright blue and decorated with lots of her beautiful colourful art.  

Our visit flew by and the conversation was so easy, it really felt like I had known Violette for years and we discovered that we had a lot of similarities in our creative journeys through life.  To inspire her and keep her creative juices flowing Violette does art journal pages.  If you are not familiar with art journaling it basically incorporates words or statements about what you are feeling or wanting to do along with pictures, painting, doodling or what ever your creativity brings about.  It is actually a very fun way to express yourself. Violette wanted to share her joy of  the art journal so she wrote and published a book that provides tips and techniques for this creative art form.  It is called  “Journal Bliss” which of course I bought and I was delighted that she also signed it for me!  Violette also has a great Blog that I love to read http://www.violette.ca .

After leaving Violette’s home I felt so inspired and set a challenge for myself to incorporate this art form into my life and try to create an art journal page every day for a month.   (I am trying to create a habit of doing something creative everyday – and I know in order to form a new habit you must do it at least 21 days in a row.)  I am proud to say that so far I have been keeping up with the challenge.  Here are a couple of pics of some of my pages.

As I am on this wonderful  journey of rediscovering my creative side, the “Journal Bliss” book has been a great resource as I am learning some new techniques for drawing and creating.  I have to admit that sometimes I have trouble letting myself just go when it comes to creating, to often over thinking what I should do or how it should look and worried that it will look dumb or like a 6-year-old did it.  But my daughter is always reminding me that it does not matter what others think as long as I am having fun and enjoying the process.  It’s funny when I think about how many times I have said that to her over the years and now she is saying it to me.   So now I find myself eagerly looking forward to creating my daily journal page (one of the perks of being retired is that you have time) and have actually been quite pleased with the end result.  It seems the pages are taking shape of their own and turning into my vision book as well and the best part is I am having fun with it and love how the pieces for each page just seem to come together.

til next time,



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  1. Tammy
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 00:14:39

    Michelle! This is amazing, exciting, and inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us. Its wonderful to see you truly embracing your time and putting it to good use by investing in yourself.


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