Labyrinths – spiritual reflection

 I was fortunate to meet the Labyrinth Lady, Diana Ng a few weeks ago at a Valley Women’s Networking luncheon and she told the group about the Labyrinth she coordinated with the City of Surrey that was built in Fleetwood Park, Surrey. She went on to say that Labyrinths are ancient, powerful, transformative tools found in many cultures all over the world dating back 4000 years and that walking the path can be used as a proactive tool for promoting health and wellness.  This peaked my interest and I made a mental note that this Labyrinth was someplace I would like to visit in the near future. 

Today I met my dear friend Linda for brunch at the Fleetwood Arms.  We haven’t spent time together for quite sometime and it was great to reconnect and catch up.  Our plans were to have brunch then head over to Fleetwood Park to check out the Labyrinth which was just a few minutes away.  There was no one else around so we had it all to ourselves.  I started the walk first, it was very interesting how it looked like a maze but instead it wound around continuously – no dead ends like a maze would have.  Linda followed about a minute after me – the directions for the walk said to allow some space for each participant.  Upon arriving at the middle I stood there for a bit and took in the energy around me, then started the walk back to the entrance. We both agreed that it was a very calming and peaceful experience.  We then took a stroll through the beautiful gardens discovering the  crocuses in bloom and a few daffodils which was a very encouraging sign that spring and warmer days were on the way.  We decided that we would like to come back later in the spring when the gardens when the roses would be in bloom.  It is funny how I had been to this park many, many times in the past to play baseball but never noticed or explored past the baseball diamonds.  It reminded me how easy it was to miss some of the beauty that surrounds us when we  don’t fully pay attention. 

Walk the Labyrinth in Fleetwood Park

First signs of spring!

Statue in Fleetwood Park gardens

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